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Our Expertise

PAT Testing
Zero88 Repair
Equipment Advice

No Nonsense Advice

I've worked in theatre & stage lighting for over 40 years with companies that don't have huge production budgets so often "Just buy a new one.." isn't an option. I'm happy to give advice or consult on a project.

PAT Testing

Having worked in theatre and as a service technician, I know that's not just enough to attach an earth probe to the hook clamp, plug a unit in to the PAT tester and press "Start". If you want to be certain your PAT testing is valid then I can help give that assurance.

Based in Coventry

Although I've worked in Birmingham for many years and travelled the West Midlands whilst doing so, I actually live in Coventry. This means that I don't have to charge you extra because I live in Kettering and rent a Coventry phone number. It also means that I can get you to at relatively short notice if needed

Service & Repair

As well as PAT testing I can service/repair equipment too, so if your kit fails the PAT test - I can repair it for you so that it passes. I'm not a dealer for any brands, so I don't have an agenda to get you to buy new kit.

System Configuration

You just bought a new piece of equipment off the internet or from an auction but it's not obvious how it connects to the kit you already have. You've talked to a local shop and they've asked silly money to help you or just said "Sorry - can't help" - try me and we'll make sense of it together and I'm not expensive.

System faultfinding

Got an annoying issue with your kit and not sure what's causing it - or do you know what's causing it but can't fix it yourself? I'm happy to come out to you and help - this is the sort of thing I'm used to doing and I'm not that expensive even for call outs.