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Overheated 13a plug

  • Burnt 13a plug

    Burnt 13a plug

    Discovered when PAT testing a residential property for a landlord.

Client: Landlord
Task: PAT testing Service/Repair
Skills: Cable repair
This 13a plug was discovered when PAT testing a residential property (home of multiple occupation) for a landlord.

None of the tenants had reported issues but one did mention that the plug had felt overly warm when plugging in his phone charger next to it. The fault was probably caused by a loose screw in the plug and as it was connecting a cordless kettle to the mains - the power going through the terminal had caused it to repeatedly heat up and cool down which exacerbated the issue.

Luckily the problem plug was found during an annual PAT test of the property and the plug was easily replaced. For good measure, the socket itself was checked in case heat had been transmitted through the plug pin and damaged the wiring to the socket. The landlord was lucky on this occasion as no further damage had occurred.