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I know people Google for a Coventry PAT test service because we all do it and there's lots of people advertising PAT testing at 75p per test but it's not a true reflection of the actual cost.

A single unit under test e.g. a kettle, iron or computer PAT test actually needs 4 separate tests i.e. a visual test, earth continuity, earth resistance, insulation test and function though whether a unit is working or not doesn't affect the test result, it's a confidence thing so we don't charge for it.

So then...

Test Cost
Visual test 75p
Earth continuity 75p
Earth resistance 75p
Insulation 75p
Total       £3.00


So, it doesn't look so cheap anymore - especially if you have 10 items for test, instead of £7.50 it's now going to cost you £30. It might not even end there as some companies replace fuses in 13a plugs and charge £1 per fuse or swap plugs that don't have sleeved pins and charge up to £5 per plug - you're total is now up around £60! You might not even get a decent looking PAT test certificate afterwards - just some "Pass test" labels and a scrawled list.

I don't do that - I charge a flat rate of £3.95 per item for up to 12 items to test, pre-printed test labels and you get test certificates by eMail that you can print or eMail to someone. If plugs need changing then I quote that as a chargeable extra - some people are happy changing a plug but the item will need a retest once it's done. If I supply & change the plug - I don't charge for the retest.

If it's single items - you're taking a TV or portable radio in to a care home for a relative, then I charge a little extra at £7.95 but that includes a plug if needed and a nice certificate you can print out to take with the item.

So now then, are you interested in getting a realistic price for your PAT testing? Use the "Contact" option above to send me a message so I can quote you an accurate price.


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